Why are we supposed to have dreams?

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There are many books that express the same point of view about dreaming and having aims in our life. This essay is about fulfilling our personal story which means to achieve our aims and also about finding ourselves in this great adventure called life. It will answer many questions such as why is it important or not to have plans for life; why are we supposed to follow our dreams or what does it really mean to fulfil our personal legend.

Why is it important to (not) have dreams in our life? On the one hand in this world, there are many people who do not have any ambitions or aims to achieve something that makes them happy. These people live from day to day without a real reason. However most of them do so because they failed many times and unfortunately the motivation was gone very quickly. But as Waller said, ‘Life is never easy for those who dream’ (Waller, 2009).

But on the other hand there are many people who have a lot of motivation to follow their dreams and these dreams come truth. A person who has dreams, he has a future and as Freud said, ‘Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy’ (Freud, 1900).

Anyway dreams have an unbelievable power moving us ahead and also the way to find our role in this world, meaning that dreams are our mission which was written by one Hand (Coelho, 2002).

In summary our dreams promise finding out our position in this world which is very important in the humanity.

Why are we supposed to follow our dreams? According to the writer Paulo Coelho we should not to forget our destinies but furthermore to encourage the people to follow their dreams is the way to fulfil our personal story and find happiness in our life (Coelho, 2002).

Furthermore the following of our dreams is a great adventurous journey of exploration and self-discovery said Coelho (Coelho, 2002). This journey guarantees happiness and success but not only at the end of our way as Ashe said, ‘Success is a journey, not a destination’ (Brown, 2009), but also during our passion because Jordan claims ‘I have failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed’ (Jordan, 2009).

It goes without saying that a success can be achieved only by loosing of plenty time, money or many different affairs such as leaving homeland, family and friends or moreover to wander straight to the cruel world (Into the wild, 2007; Coelho, 2002).

What does it really mean to fulfil our personal story? Coelho argues that the most important thing ‘is that you succeeded in discovering your personal legend’ (Coelho, 2002). This is very similar with the idea included in the movie Into the wild (2007). The film claims to measure yourself at least once, to find yourself at least once in the most ancient of human conditions.’ In addition, according to this movie, if we really want something, we should just snatch it for our life because the whole universe collaborates to helping us to achieve it. That is sure that when we really want something, the circumstances will throw us there where we want to be (Coelho, 2002).

By the way this journey can be pretty unkind, however every cloud has a silver lining but Jones says ‘when we believe it, we will see it’ (Jones, 2007) and then there is no doubt to believe that one day our dreams become a truth and afterwards we will ‘celebrate what is right with the world’ (Jones, 2007).

At the end of the day Marsha Norman said, Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you’ which means that everybody is a writer of his own life story and it only depends on him which way he choose. There are two options for choosing: to follow our dreams and be successful or to waste our time by living from one day to another day that is not a very good choice because as Darwin said, ‘A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life’ (Darwin, date unknown).

However fulfilling of our personal legend, finding ourselves and looking for our role in this world are the significant matters for the mission on this Earth and also that is the way to find Hand, meaning the eventual intention of creation. (Coelho, 2002).


· Brown, K. J. (2009, April 10). Success is the Journey Not a Destination. Available at: http://ezinearticles.com/?Success-is-the-Journey-Not-a-Destination&id=2207531 (Accessed: 11 September 2009).

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