The Diary of a Miserable Pilgrim Part 4

Autor: Ľudmila Onuferová | 10.11.2012 o 1:37 | (upravené 10.11.2012 o 3:14) Karma článku: 0,00 | Prečítané:  479x

The decision was made in a very nice way powered by Holy Spirit. My friend came to me and said that he had an idea of how to solve my situation. He came with the idea of staying over for another two weeks as later on there would be a retreat with an exorcist, Fr Elias Vella. I didnt even know who this priest was but yes why not. After that I would go back to the UK and from there I would go with my friend to Spain to do our walking. Sounds great, just needed some things to sort out. Well, they actually sorted out themselves day by day.

So in a mean while I met with my dad that was travelling back home from Holland and popped home for a week. Then I returned back to where the retreat was taking its place. I had an amazing time at the retreat. Fr Elias Vella explained all the questions that I didnt have answers to that time. The most strongest thing that also helped me to understand my cycling situation was that we should praise God in everything where praising means to accept all the circumstances from God, even if they are good or bad. Because we shouldnt be only taking good things from God but also bad things that happened in our lives. At that moment I totally understood my suffering and everything else because I praised God and I opened my heart to him so he could do his plan with me. After this retreat I returned back to the UK where I met my friend and we went together to Santiago.

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